The Suncoast Utility Contractors Association (SUCA) was officially incorporated and chartered by the National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA) in May of 1975 to represent the underground utility construction industry in the Tampa Bay area. SUCA was incorporated as a non-profit corporation with 52 charter members and has grown to a current membership of 110+. SUCA became a founding state chapter of the Underground Utility Contractors of Florida (UUCF) in March of 1980.


From 1975 – 1989, SUCA was administered by the staff of the Contractors and Builders Association of Pinellas County. Near the end of 1989, SUCA leadership decided the association was strong enough to become autonomous. A group of board members including Andy Mayts, Lou Merucci, Gary Sawyer, Don Burton, Bill Walton, Brock Locklier and Tom Woodward selected office space and hired staff to run SUCA on a day to day basis.


Since that time SUCA has worked on legislative issues and ordinances locally, throughout the state and even nationally through the National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA). SUCA members have attended meetings and reviewed specifications. We have met with local agencies, county commissioners, mayors, senators and representatives, other business leaders and groups, all to speak on behalf of our members. We have held hundreds of events and meetings offering you opportunities to network with exactly the right people you need to see. Every member should take advantage of one of the most valuable membership benefits – access to other members and the networking opportunities available throughout the year.


All SUCA activities are coordinated through a professionally maintained office and staff. SUCA members are given access to information on governmental and business issues affecting the utility industry. SUCA is proud of its many local, state and national achievements over the past 39 years. Today, many of SUCA’s members and staff serve on various governmental committees affording members effective political clout at all levels of government.


We thank you for years of support and participation. It is your commitment to your industry that allows SUCA to represent you year after year.