Board of Directors


Don Campbell, The Kearney Companies Chairman
photo-not-available Mat McKay, Burgess Civil Vice Chairman


photo-not-available Bud Shores, Technical Sales Corporation Treasurer
photo-not-available Israel Justice, Crisdel Group Secretary
Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin, Rowland, Inc. IPC
photo-not-available David Atkins, David Nelson Construction Contractor Director
 Bill-Bocchino Bill Bocchino, BVB Construction Contractor Director
Tim Carmichael Tim Carmichael, ACP Contractor Director

Past Chairman 2019-2020

Dylan Mann, Dallas 1 Construction Contractor Director
Curtis Mast, Ripa & Associates Contractor Director
photo-not-available Damian Neel, Kimmins Contracting Contractor Director
photo-not-available Travis Allison, Hayes Pipe Supply Associate Director
photo-not-available Nicholas Covino, Ferguson Waterworks Associate Director
Curt Hinson Photo Curt Hinson, Fortiline Waterworks Associate Director
Wayne.Jensen July 2016 Wayne Jensen, Stahl & Associates Associate Director
photo-not-available Kevin Priest, Core & Main Associate Director
Justin Zinzow, Zinzow Law Associate Director
Chris Wilhelm Chris Wilhelm PSI Pipeline Associate Director
photo-not-available Steve von Gontard, MWI Pumps Associate Director
Penny Danielecki, Technical Sales Corporation Past Chairman 2017-2018 & Contractor Director
Tom Butler Thomas Butler Past Chairman 2015-2016
David Wirth David Wirth Past Chairman 2013-2014
Ken Wachman Ken Wachman, MWI Corporation Past Chairman 2010-2012
 photo-not-available Bruce Akers, Ferguson Waterworks Past Chairman 2006-2007
 photo-not-available Kevin Rowland, Rowland Inc. Past Chairman 1998-1999
 DSCF0714  Theresa Mannix, SUCA Executive Director