How To Join

By joining SUCA, your company can:

  • Network with fellow industry colleagues
  • Get the inside scoop on industry news and information
  • Gain new contacts and leads for your company
  • Participate on SUCA committees
  • Attend SUCA events and programs
  • Be on the forefront of safety promotion
  • Ensure favorable Florida laws and regulations
  • Shape the future of your industry


Interested in joining SUCA?

Email tmannix@suca.org with completed application.  Upon acceptance of your application by the board of directors, you will be notified so you may pay your dues.

2024 SUCA Membership Application

Membership Categories:

A contractor member is any person, firm or corporation engaged in the construction and/or rehabilitation of utility systems including, but not limited to, storm sewers, sanitary sewers and drainage systems, water lines, cable (underground communication and electric), ducts, conduits, gas lines, tunneling, boring, trenchless construction, treatment systems, pump stations and other utility construction and appurtenances thereof.


An associate member is any person, firm or corporation directly involved in the industry as a supplier of equipment, materials, surety or accounting. Includes local, state and national dues.